Manufacturing and production of cylinders in aluminium and carbon.

The SDM s.r.l. company, whose headquarters are in Bagnolo Mella (Brescia, Italy), is in the business of the manufacturing and production of cylinders in aluminium and carbon, available in several dimensions.

Our products are: idler rollers – cylinders for paper industry, for rotogravure presses, for flexography, for laminators, for printing and textile machines – chilled rolls and rubber covered cylinders.
Our production activity is always expanding, by boosting and increasing the performances of our machinery, in order to reach a high production capacity in a short period of time.

Having our own inner warehouse, our manufacturing time is reduced, thanks to the ready availability of raw material.

We cut the material according to our clients’ requests; then we assemble it with aluminium or steel heads. If the heads are in aluminium, the weld is achieved using TIG welding.
Afterwards, the roller is finished to obtain a smooth and polished surface. On request, we achieve: controlled surface ROUGHNESS; sandblasting; different types of engraving with any pattern and pitch.

According to our company standards, we carry out a final balancing of the rollers, with a tolerance of maximum 2 grams, and on request a certification of the final result.
At the end of the process, we coat the rollers with protective covers and then we lay them down in pallets, ready for delivery.

Performance and reliability
From simple to integrated movement systems, according to the end use, S.D.M company offers devices in: aluminium, carbon, stainless steel, galvanized or painted steel. We guarantee high-quality products, offering excellent performance and reliability, even when exposed to extended stress. Our company offers roller manufacturing for any kind of use: for further information and technical advice, please contact us at this telephone number +39 0306822311